Ceremonies and Celebrations

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Baptisms -- A person, adult or child, is welcomed into the church through the sacrament of baptism. The water, words, and actions symbolize the union with the living Christ, with each other and with the church. Our pastors will happily meet with you to discuss how this can happen here at CACC.

Weddings -- A Christian wedding ceremony is the wonderful occasion on which two people unite as full and equal partners in the mutual exchange of covenant promises founded in the faithfulness of God’s love. Our pastors will joyfully meet with you to discuss how our church conducts and celebrates this event.

Celebrations of Life -- Scripture promises that we are not left alone in our grief. We trust in the good news of Christ’s resurrection, the promise of abundant and eternal life, and the healing presence of God’s Spirit. Casas Adobes Congregational UCC considers it a privilege to walk with families as they bid farewell to a loved one. Please contact one of our pastors to help you with this walk.