Church Council

Council Clipart.jpg

Council Officers

President Tom Goslin

Vice President Jean-Marie Huisjen

Treasurer Jack Dean

Council Ministries - Chairs and Co-Chairs

Ministry of Christian Fellowship and Care Spencer Elliott

Ministry of Christian Formation Wes Ward

Ministry of Mission and Outreach Fran Crisman, Dave Brown

Ministry of Physical Resources Patty Warren

Ministry of Stewardship Bill VerDuin

Ministry of Worship Suella Swart

Finance Advisory Review and Mgmnt. Jack Dean

Ministerial Relations Committee, Pastor David Richard Gilman, George Gluski, Patty Warren

Ministerial Relations Committee, Pastor John Carol Bogg, Lee Elliott, David Huisjen, Elodie Winger

Nominating Committee John Neel, Linda Nielsen-Mooney

Personnel George Gluski (Chair), Anne Bailey (Staff Liaison)

Members-At-Large John Neel, Linda Nielsen-Mooney